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If you’re buying a sportbike, it’s probably equipped with reflectors, an extremely large fender that looks terrible, and, unfortunately, mirrors. This guide will share some simple modifications you can do that will make your sports bike look much better. Also, before you modify your motorcycle exhaust, you should make sure it looks good with your sports bike’s overall modification design. You’ll find many more expensive modifications you can do, and we’ll get into it, but I’ll start with the basics. Let’s jump right into the tips below.

Sports Bike Modification

Install a Fender Eliminator Kit

A fender eliminator kit is a vital necessity for almost every game bike rider. There are various types of kits available on the market today, and you’ll want to find one that fits your bike. Some kits can get rid of all fenders, and many others will include their method of mounting. On some kits, the license plate is located well below the bike, so pay attention to how visible the plate is, or you will get a ticket. A cop should be able to examine your license plate from 20 feet away (depending on the state, this is debatable). There are several good Targa and DMP kits that fit the vast majority of sportbikes on the market.

Take Off the Reflectors

Sports Bike ModificationYou will notice that the new sportbikes have reflectors in different colors. Almost all of them are reddish and yellow. However, they can be different colors depending on the color of your bike. People who see the reflectors on your sportbike will automatically associate it with an equivalent pedal bike. Remove them so people can see exactly what your bike offers. I offered to remove the reflectors from the rider below.

Modify Your Bike Protection

You will definitely want to buy frame sliders at the first opportunity. Unless, of course, it is undesirable on a reverse, then there isn’t much these will work for you. However, in most cases, if you have reduced undesirable, your fairing will likely be in better condition. If your friend drops the bike by sitting on it (which happened to me), you may not find a single scratch. It depends on the circumstances, but 75% of the time it can save you hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars in replacement parts.

Install Full Exhaust System

If you really want to get noticed, chances are you need an aftermarket exhaust system. You can get a complete exhaust system. Since slip-ons usually only replace the muffler, they are cheaper than a full exhaust system where the entire original pipe is replaced. There you are going to want to do some exploring to find what type of exhaust you would like to put on your bike. You will find a large number of brands that have different sounds. It’s best to learn the latest names and search YouTube for that particular pipe to see what it sounds like.

Install Steel Braided Brake Lines

Steel braided brake lines are essential for a serious rider. It is not mandatory to get a street racer, the desire to think about doing so. If you perform tons of hard braking with stock steel lines, you may find that you need to pull the brake more with braided alloy lines over time. You should make sure you get the same braking force, however, away from using the brakes. It keeps you from adapting to how many breaks you pull as you ride.